Day out | The Southbank Centre Food Market

Me and Charlie had had quite a busy week, we were both a little under the weather so going to our standard Sunday morning run was off the cards. We hadn’t been to a food market for a while and to be honest we don’t often venture into central London at the weekend unless it’s absolutely completely necessary (so bloody busy!).

So to set the scene on this particular Sunday, it’s a surprisingly hot day for September and we’re peckish. We do a loop around the stands checking out whats on offer, Charlie went for a mix of mild and hot curry from a popular stand, The Curry Shack, and I opted for a greek halloumi wrap from The Athenian. There’s a number of seating areas (plus a few bars) so we sat, ate and talked.

Of course there was no way we were leaving without a big fat donut!! The cookies did look amazing but how often do you come across a Nutella-filled fluffy ball of sugar?!

We took advantage of the lovely weather and close proximity to the river, passing the Tate modern, the globe, st.pauls. Stopping for photos along the way and admiring the walkie talkie on fenchurch street and the leadenhall market.


Sundays are an unusual time in the city. The hustle and bustle seems to pause, cafes close and streets are often empty, waiting to gear up again for the Monday morning rush hour.



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