Brighton | A weekend by the sea

There is a little back story to this recent weekend getaway. It all began in September 2017, we had been on a handful of dates and although we were still getting to know each other we spontaneously booked a little weekend away! We chose Brighton (Hove to be exact). 1 year later (pretty much to the day) we returned.

Our first time there was bloody freezing, that sea breeze was icey even in early autumn. apart from the weather our memories involve making breakfast for each other (we had homemade bread in our Air B&B- so sweet!), getting a little tipsy over espresso martinis and eating lots of food. But if there is one thing that defines a weekend in Brighton for us it’s the strolling. Slow walks along the pebbeld beach and weaving around the Lanes. You could walk up and down the same road 100 times and still spot something you didn’t see before.

I don’t want to give an itinerary for Brighton as I think it’s best enjoyed at ones own pace. ¬†Instead, here are some great eateries me and Charlie found along the way.

Flour Pot Bakery

Our favourite. If you like good coffee, fresh bread and have a sweet tooth this is the place for you. Saying that, We also had an AMAZING sandwich from here which served us well as a train snack home. We recommend the donuts, but note they are only available on Fridays and we suggest you get there before the mid-day crowds gobble them up! A great alternative is the warm banana bread. Drool.

Top tip: There are 3 Flour Pot Cafes in Brighton- one along the front, one in the Lanes on Sydney Street and one in Hove. Spoilt for choice!


Ginger Man Restaurant

We were really impressed with the food here. Mid-range prices for high-end dishes. The place was quite small and the decor wasn’t anything special but the service was excellent and the food was great so colour scheme really didn’t matter! They also give you little nibbles (on the house) which was a lovely touch. It’s quite a small menu so if you are a bit fussy just give it a check before you turn up.

Top tip: If you are in the Hove area, The Ginger Pig is definitely worth a visit (sister to Ginger Man) a charming pub/bistro with a delicious cheese board!


Riddle and Finns

This place stole our hearts with its classic Parisian aesthetic and wonderful fresh local fish, we even have a loyalty card now! Charlie can eat oysters all day long, and these ones were pretty delicious. Be prepared to pay a pretty penny but it’s so worth it, prices are what you would expect to pay in London. Surprisingly, their set menu is under ¬£15! So if you want an early bite to eat and you’re there during the week, this is perfect. Warning: Tight trousers are not recommended!

Top tip: If you are stuffed from the mains and 99 oysters, then try their house G&T or an espresso martini finishes the meal off perfectly!



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