Top 10 tips to beat post-hol blues


So you’ve just got back from a pretty great trip, high on life/vitamin D and then reality starts kicking in? Thats ok. It happens, and you can be sad for a while. Here’s my suggestions to help shift that ‘fuck my life’ state of mind …

  1. Drink lots of water. Because this helps everything. Always.
  2. Get out. Go for a walk or run, ‘reestablish yourself in your local environment.’ Basically distract yourself and sweat it out to get those happy endorphins pumping. Chances are, if you’re anything like me, you over did the bread and ice cream whilst you were away so working up a sweat (the physical exercise kind, not the lying on a subbed for an hour too long kind) will really help.
  3. Watch Friends. Because again, this helps everything. Always.
  4. Unpack and put a wash load on. Dull but once it’s done you will feel a million times better and be able to hide all your summer stuff. Out of site, out of mind right?!
  5. Stock the fridge. A questionable lemon and curdled milk not floating your boat? Clear the fridge out, pop to the shops for at least 3 days of food. This will make being at home feel ok.
  6. Fresh sheets. Hell yes.
  7. Post your fav snaps on Insta. We all love showing off about our latest jolly don’t we? Get a few posts under your belt and if the likes don’t help, it will at least make you smile when you scroll back in a few weeks time.
  8. Catch up with your friends or fam. Drop them a little hello whatsapp or make mid-week plans. Having something to look forward to will kick that ‘my life is so shit’ mood.
  9. Plan your next trip. Strike whilst the irons hot, so to speak.
  10. Start a blog! A la moi!

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