Richmond Park | The Saturday urban escape

London. You think grey, busy, loud right? Yeh me too. But fear not, there is a great place for urban escape without trekking to a national park or spending a penny (well, transport to and from the park aside). And if you live in Putney like me, it’s literally on your doorstep.

Something I tell myself on the regular… If in doubt, go to Richmond park.


Guaranteed to fill your lungs with fresh air (kind of) and clear your head after a busy week, this is a great option for those got-no-plans weekend days. I think big green open spaces are great food for the soul and so important when your week consists of so much concrete.

I meet my friends here for a stroll and catch up, I spend sunny days picnicing here with my boyfriend but my favourite has to be getting out of the house at a reasonable hour on a Saturday morning, running through Putney Heath, Wimbledon Common and right into Richmond Park. It’s a great 10k ish route, topped off by saying hello to the Deer (such majestic creatures!) and watching mother nature do it’s thing. Yes, I have even seen a snake chilling in the long grass before!

IMG_4799  IMG_0305  IMG_4543

So, heres my take away top tips… 

Top tip No1: I recommend visiting the park throughout the year if you can, each season creates an entirely different experience. From those golden, hazy summer days to those frosty, leaf-crunching mornings- it’s always magical.

Top tip No.2: If you have time, spend a few hours in the park then head into Richmond, grab a delicious yet slightly over priced coffee from one of the many cafes or walk along the river and refuel at a charming riverside pub. Skip the chains if you’re feeling flush and try The White Cross for it’s perfect people watching seating.

Top tip No.3: Richmond Park plays host to multiple running events all year, including Park run (I’m yet to try that one!). And for those who want a sweat sesh, I had great fun running the 10K Run Richmond in Feb earlier this year, but my god it was nippy. Needless to say the park does not have a roof so come rain, shine or baltic February winds, you will be exposed to the elements!

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